No business, small or big, is invulnerable to cyber-attacks. In 2019, as many as 96% of the organization in Singapore has had at least one breach in the past 12 months due to external cyber-attacks. And with the increasingly low-cost and cutting-edge hacking tools proliferates, the number of cyber-attacks is expected to grow faster. So, is your IT infrastructure really secured to block against sophisticated cyber-attacks?

Bitdefender is led by a vision to be the most trusted cybersecurity technology provider in the world, delivering robust and transformative security solutions that businesses can rely on. 19 years now and staying true to their vision, Bitdefender has constantly innovated and delivered breakthrough security technologies that radically improves their customer’s experience with security. Today, Bitdefender has grown to become an award-winning global cybersecurity leader protecting over 500 million systems in 150 countries.

Network Attack Defence

Get a new level of protection against attacks aiming to gain access to the system by exploiting network vulnerabilities. Extend protected areas, now with network-based security that blocks threats like Brute Force attacks, Password Stealers, Network Exploits, lateral movements before they can execute.

Layered Protection for Your Endpoints

On the other end, dedicated hosting gives you the most control over the server, as well as all the server space and resources. You have complete administrative control server allowing you to install any software as you wish. However, it is very expensive and difficult to manage, often required in-depth server knowledge to manage such hosting. 

Web-based Security – No Need for Hardware

There will be no need for dedicated servers or more IT staff, as GravityZone centralizes all security features into a single console. Employees never have to update or monitor security activities. You can save time by remotely installing protection on all unprotected computers through a simple and comprehensive procedure. The security solution can be deployed either on premises or hosted by Bitdefender in cloud.

Protection integrated with Endpoint Risk Management

Effectively identifying, assessing, and remediating endpoint weaknesses is pivotal in running a healthy security program and reducing organizational risk. Endpoint Risk Management is an infrastructure for reducing exposure and hardening endpoint surface area, by discovering and prioritizing risky OS and software misconfigurations. Administrators are now able to address the vulnerabilities using this interface.

AI And Machine Learning Perfected Over Years

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are essential to combat a threat landscape that is larger and more sophisticated than ever. Unlike other vendors, Bitdefender has years of experience perfecting these technologies and the results clearly show this: better detection rates with fewer false positives.

Largest Security Intelligence Cloud

With over 500 million machines protected, the Bitdefender Global Protective Network performs 11 billion queries per day and uses machine learning and event correlation to detect threats without slowing down users.

Advanced Application Behavior Monitoring

Bitdefender’s Process Inspector permanently monitors running processes for signs of malicious behavior. A pioneering and proprietary technology launched in 2008 as (AVC), it has constantly been enhanced, keeping Bitdefender one step ahead of emerging threats.