IT maintenance service refers to the work needed to keep your IT equipment like desktop and infrastructure, running at optimal performance. The work includes steps like software updates, hardware maintenance, devices security checks and analysing of errors found in the log.

Updated Documentations: With proper and updated documentation, this helps to resolve IT issues efficiently and identify if software or equipment should be upgraded or to be replaced


Tighten security: Monitoring your IT infrastructure with an IT security maintenance can do many wonders. The risks of attacks within your system is lessen, ensuring the server’s security by adding another layer protection to defend your digital assets from potentially malicious activities from outside parties.

Longer Lifespan: When network equipment are being checked and maintained correctly, they are in its best shape and hence better lifetime.

PC Maintenance

Desktop users can often experience problems with their PCs such as outdated security patches, PC sluggish performance which cause inefficiency to the business operations.

With our PC maintenance checklist, the computers are performing at their optimum speed, security patches will be updated and computer hardware will undergo regular checks.


Network Maintenance Services

While your network connects your internal computers, servers and surveillance camera, it is also the component of your IT infrastructure that needs maximum protection from security threats.

Having network maintenance services is fundamental to proper network traffic monitoring and optimisation. We encourages users and network administrators to implement hardening network devices to better secure their network infrastructure. With regular hardware checks on your systems, a problem can be identified, diagnosed and resolved before your system is compromised.

Server Maintenance

Memory and processor usage can show how a server is being used. If CPU and memory usage are frequently near 100%, it’s a sign that your server may be overtaxed, therefore reviewing disk space is also to watch out server usages.

Server maintenance includes checking the error logs, which can help to pinpoint and resolve a hardware problem before it escalates to a system crash.

Regular server security patching is always at the top of the list for server security best practices. With patch management, you create an inventory of all the software you use in your servers and classify any known threats. Furthermore, patch management allows how often to install updates to ensure efficient server performance.

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